Ad Wars

In 1998, fewer than 5% of Web sites contained Web trackers: code that logs what users view and do online, and creates dossiers logging their online activity. According to a recent study by security and privacy researchers at the University of Washington, more than 75% of popular sites now use such technology. Franziska Roesner, co-author of the study and Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at UW, will join Mike Keyes, Emory Roane, and me on the next episode of This WEEK in LAW. We’ll discuss the parameters and findings of the UW study, the state of browsing privacy, and the pitched battle being waged over user control of such information. Also on deck are new federal and state rules on driverless cars, 2016 election hacking, ethical guidelines for robots and their owners, and much more. Browse more of our topics for the show on Tagpacker or Flipboard, and join us when record live, September 23, 2016, 11 PT/18:00 UTC.