Drone Regs Up In The Air

Big decision out of the D.C. Circuit on 5/19/17, invalidating the FAA's registration requirements for drones that are "model aircraft." However: this decision only deals with the registration requirements (not the safety restrictions), and anything not flying visual line-of-sight (e.g., FPV, long range), and/or not flying for "hobby or recreational purposes," is not a model aircraft and presumably still has to register.

Interesting next questions:

  • Will the FAA refund the over $3.3 million in fees paid by “model aircraft” flyers per the rule the DC Circuit says it did not have the authority to enact and enforce?
  • Will the FAA petition for rehearing en banc before this court and/or petition for U.S. Supreme Court review and/or ask Congress to grant it the authority this Court says it lacks?