Paid $75,000 to Love a Brand on Instagram. But Is It an Ad?

The millions of people who follow Kim Kardashian West and her sisters on social media have become accustomed to seeing them praise everything from fat-burning tea to gummy vitamins for healthier hair. "Ever since I started taking two @sugarbearhair a day, my hair has been fuller and stronger than ever!!

Seven years after the FTC’s paid endorsement guides took effect, disclosure rules and practices remain murky and controversial.

[I]t should be “clear and conspicuous” to consumers if a person endorsing a product “has been paid or given something of value.” However, while the [FTC] suggests putting “#ad” or “#sponsored” at the start of those kinds of social media posts, or providing verbal disclosures in videos, there are no hard and fast rules….For example, simply saying “thank you” to a brand or adding “#sp” or “#spon” probably isn’t clear enough, while saying a brand is a “partner” probably is[.]