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UAVs for Archaeology

Finding the past with futuristic tech: The Aerial Digital Archaeological & Preservation Research Group promotes remote exploration, discovery, and preservation of archaeological sites with drone-assisted technology, including 3D mapping, LIDAR, radar, lasers, and more. Of course, there are legal and ethical concerns that go along with such work.

To recap the Animal Selfie, Tip, and Resources of the Week from today’s TWiL (Ep. 357, “Swatted While Sex Toy Phoned Home”):

Squirrel! (Epic FPV squirrel GoPro romp)

If you must have a heart attack while driving, call 911 AND point Tesla’s autopilot toward the nearest hospital.

CA State Bar’s 2016 IP and the Internet Conference (9/16, SF)

8/26 TWiL

I suggest you join us Friday for This WEEK in LAW if it’s not already firm on your calendar. My stupendous co-hosts Mike Keyes and Emory Roane will be there too, and we have a particularly wide-ranging list of topics we’re pondering for the show. From “turning the American justice system into little more than a computer programming problem,” to the short half-life of Pokemon Uranium, to the interplay between trolling and free speech…we have much to discuss!

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